Tops Points Every Employer Should Know About The Employment Verification Process!

Employment Verification

Nowadays, almost all the companies make use of employment verification methods to ensure that they only select the right candidate for their job. The bitter truth that about forty percent of the resumes contain fake information in some way or the other has lead to employment verification is one of the most important necessities before selecting a candidate for a job. The Triton blog provides a good read of various blogs, news, and events related to employees, employment verifications, workforce tips, etc. You could read their blog for more information related to the process of employment verification. The link highlights the results of some of the state background checks. It was proved that many employees faced criminal background checks and are facing charges that might result in loss of their jobs.

Here are some of the points that can help employers to ensure that you get the best possible results with the employment verification process:
Try To Collect Maximum Possible Information
Before trying for the employment verification process, try collecting the maximum information you can get about the candidate. Inquire their education details, complete address, contact details of all the references, etc. The maximum you collect the information, the better will be the accuracy of your verification results. Also, verification results can be obtained within a short time if you have already collected the maximum information from the candidate itself.

Another point to note that you have to inquire whether the candidate had any name changes in the past. In the case of female candidates, they often change their second name after marriage. Hence, take a note of their previous names too.

A Consent Form Duly Signed By The Candidate
Most of the sources of verification would need the candidate’s sample signature to cross-check the given information. The screening provider can only retrieve the data if the actual signature of the candidate is provided to it. Almost all the educational organizations ask for the actual signature of the candidate for completion of the verification process. Applicants can even be asked to provide a wet signature using the web designed system to capture the signature.

Ensure That The Verification Process Strictly Adheres To Job Needs
Only check for background information that you need. If you just need to confirm the start and end dates of a previous work experience, only ask for that. There is no need to ask your background verification provider to check for unnecessary information and waste both of your time in that process. Also, depending on the sensitivity and customization of the data request, the cost of data verification also increases. Why pay more when you need just a small information?Hence, always ensure that you stick to just the information you need for the particular job.

Be Patient!
The process of employment verification is a complex and time consuming one. You can never expect that the verification providers will provide you all the detailed information within a short time. All the past educational institutions, employers, and references would be busy in their respective jobs and sometimes will be least interested in answering verification calls. Hence, the verifiers will have to make repeated attempts to get the needed information. Always choose a good experience verification provider so that they will have all the necessary techniques and tricks to get the needed information.

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