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Good News For Foodies! These Are The Best Cities To Visit !!


One of the interesting things to experience while traveling to different countries is the chance to get the opportunity to taste different delicious cuisines from across the world. The term “Foodie” refers to a person who is fascinated by food, be it cooking or eating. Never miss the chance of tasting foreign food due to any reason. It is easy now. Just try to win a free holiday accommodation prize by sharing your West End experience and travel to foreign countries on a cheap budget.

The number of tourists visiting Hawaii has increased in the past few years. The latest statistics from www.dbedt.hawaii.gov shows the statistical details of monthly, quarterly tourist people to Hawaii with their spending pattern.

The experts suggest that you must act and eat like a local in foreign countries. Just walk along the streets to taste the freshly prepared foods.

Singapore food is highly influenced by the surrounding Asian countries. It is indeed famous for hawker stalls. It has several vendors with mouth-watering plates of Malay, Indian, Chinese and many others. Jaan Restaurant at the Swissotel is famous for its fantastic design and excellent French cuisines.

The Big Apple in the New York City is the fantastic option for foodies and you can get different cuisines made by celebrity chefs. New York Pizza is world famous and you can visit local pizza shops that make delicious pizza by local pizzerias with a handful of experience for decades. You can observe their gastronomic style from cupcakes to raw food. Eleven Madison Park, ABC kitchen are some popular restaurants in New York City.

Sushi is the Japan’s world famous food. Some foodies consider Sushi as their own food group or treat is as a weekly food. It has several numbers of three-star restaurants when compared to other countries across the globe and Tokyo is the place where most of those restaurants located. Sushi Yoshitake is famous for its tasty raw fish.

San Francisco, the Bay City food promotes healthy living but it never compromises on the taste. The favorite dish of the local people is cheeseburgers. The Gateway City is the top 3 place for its continuous use of organic and fresh ingredients sourced from local producers in their foods. You can check in online for cities local coffee shops, farmers market, ethnic eateries.

Barcelona is the only city that follows the philosophy “eat, drink, and be happy.” Barcelonans enjoy afternoon naps, taking a late long lunch, snacks for dinner like light tapas dinners and partying during the early morning time. Tapas, a small plate concept, is a successful idea invented by Spain. It is a broad range of snacks or appetizers. Tapas may be either hot or cold. These small plates are the favorite food option of locals as well as the tourist visiting the city. It is simple to prepare and perfect item for cocktail parties. Passadis del Pep, El Quim are the best place for tapas.

Now you can find many food items in London rather than only chips and fish. You can find several dining rooms established by top-rated celebrity chefs, including Gary Rhodes, Gordon Ramsay which offers the best cuisines of the whole city.