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How To Start A New Blog


Blogging is so simple that you can start a new blog even without have much technical knowledge. You can become a successful blogger by following the steps explained in this article.

If you are new to blogging, then you can use platforms that permit you to create a blog free-of-cost. Though there are some limitations in using such free blog platforms, it is the best way to start a new blog for inexperienced bloggers. After a period of time, you can shift to premium blog plans. The website http://www.creativebloq.com/web-design/best-blogging-platforms-121413634 contains the details of free platforms used to develop a new blog.

It is not too tough to start a new blog. Just follow the six methods given below before creating a blog.

First you need to determine what you like to blog about. If you are into business, then you can blog about your services or products and it is a novel way of promoting your products. If are not attached to any business, then you still have more topics to select. When deciding on the topic, you must ensure that you choose the topics that the readers would enjoy. Blog about the topics in the niche you are strongest in.

Then you must think about the platform to use to start your blog. You can use free platforms but there are some limitations in using it. Try to use the paid platforms which are not too expensive. Among several platforms available for developing blogs, WordPress is the most popular one.

The third step is to identify a host who gives server for your blog site. In simpler terms, hosting your site in a server permits others to see your site on the internet. You must also think whether you want to choose hosted or self-hosted options for your blog. You must choose host service provider who is suitable for your site and pick suitable plans from them. If you are in a tight budget, you can select a basic hosting plan and you can upgrade your plan any time in the future.

You need to pick a cool and trendy domain name. If you have an existing domain name then you can use it or else decide on a new domain name for your blog. Take the time to think about the extension you need for your domain like .com, .org etc.

You can install WordPress and start creating your blog. You can visit the WordPress website and click the Install button to begin the Installation process. You can choose any of the professional and attractive designs available for your blog. It’s even possible to upload videos and pictures by using the several plug-ins found in WordPress.

Once you complete the designing and registration process, you can start writing contents for your blog and upload it. You must always remember to write interesting and useful topics so that your blog is useful and loved by the readers. You must not forget to interact with your followers and reply to their comments promptly.