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Vertical Bike Racks

Dl2 is a well-designed vertical bike rack that has the capability to carry two bikes. This dL2 type of rack has been popularly used by lots of transit agencies. The rack which is made up of a steel skeleton can holds one or two bikes. Bikes that are stored have wheel sizes from 20- 44 inch wheel base. The DL2 rack is good for indoor and outdoor services. This kind is best for homes, garages, transit vehicles and in storage rooms especially at colleges.

This design of bike racks has been most used due to the advantages that it has. First of all it really uses a very small space. In a place like a bus space is prime and therefore this design is best. It also opens up pedestrian walkways in and out. The vertical DL2 uses a narrow space and people easily squeeze through.

Vertical racks also reduces carbon black footprint from the wheel. It is a vital advantages as the prints are too hard to get off and therefore should be avoided. Mounting a bike on the vertical rack is pretty simple. The bike is pushed up the rack with the front wheel up. Once the wheels are on the rack its is locked up.

The storage of the bike up the rack and its removal takes a very short time. The process is easy and fast thereafter keeping the bus on schedule. Importantly, the security of the bike is observed. Once the bike has been locked up and the two wheels in the frame, it is not easy to steal it from the rack.

The front tire is never strapped on the frame. This way the bike does not get suspended from the front wheel but rather sits on the rear wheel. The DL2 design therefore does not cause any damages on the bike. Being lightweight and easy to carry, the vertical rack is easy to carry and does not load up the bus. The rack also comes up with a variety of colors that spice your taste on color preferences.

In order to get a rack that saves space and time, light, easy and more convenient, dl2 vertical rack is the type to go for.