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Three Phases Of Addiction Recovery


It is essential to help a person who is suffering from the problems due to the addiction of alcohol or drug. These habits will cause serious problems to the person using it, and this makes addiction recovery very valuable for them. There are three main phases in this type of recovery, and they are middle recovery, early recovery, and late recovery. Each phase will have its own lessons, tasks and growth opportunity. Addiction can be simply defined as the situation where a person loses his control over the ability to stop the usage of certain material like alcohol or drug. This addiction will cause unnecessary problems physically, physiologically, spiritually and relationships, which are not advisable.

The main requirement for very good results in the addiction recovery is the willingness of the person to come out of this practice. The early recovery will give some medicine to the person that will remove a certain substance from the body so that the person might develop some hatred towards the alcohol. When this method is used, the brain will be able to get some time to heal and this in turn will give some chance for the person to return to his normal life. Here some social support will be required, and the person should also work on the relapse prevention program.

The early stage will not have much difficulty, and this phase will last for about two years. The next stage is the middle recovery where the tendency of the early stage has to be continued. Here the damages caused by the addiction will be repaired so that it will be possible to lead a balanced life. Here the damaged relationship with the family will also be corrected. The last stage of recovery will check the stability of the person by solving all the underlying issues that were ignored earlier.