Have You Used An Electric Shaver Yet?

Electric Shaver

For a woman, it is a critical job to decide what type of razor to use. Whether a disposable razor is a good option or an electric shaver? Well, ladies don’t you want to get rid of the cuts and nicks you get while shaving your legs with a disposable razor? It’s time to switch to electric shavers to get a fast and smooth shave whenever you want. The Best Electric Shaver For Women Wanting Silky Smooth Legs come at a handy price and are widely available. According to www.livestrong.com women are still skeptical about using an electric shaver. However, the switch rate is getting better. Nobody loves shaving, it is a tedious process so why not make it easy and interesting.

Especially, in summers you are going to need an electric shaver as you are going to wear all sexy dresses for your big date. An electric shaver can be used as frequently as a disposable razor. It lasts longer and offers you a close shave. Before starting the process, there are a few steps you must follow to get an effective shave. If you do it right, hair growth will be delayed for a good amount of time. Moreover, you will protect yourself from any skin irritation if you follow some pre-shave and post-shave tips.

Do not forget to clean your leg before the shave. Use a soft rag and some warm water to do it. Warm water will soothe the skin. Tap your legs dry with a towel before you start using an electric shaver. Soothing the skin allows the hair to be removed more easily and smoothly. Also, the shave is close, and hair regrowth occurs slowly. Start shaving from the ankles and then move upwards. Do not hurry as it causes improper removal of hair which can lead to bumps later on.

While using the shaver, make sure you move it in small circles over the skin. Move the shaver in the opposite direction of hair growth. Apply only a small amount of pressure on the shaver. Avoid pressing it against the skin too hard. Move it to the same spot for a couple of moment. When you do it right, the overall hair removal finishes in a small amount of time. When you come near your knee area, pull the skin a little to straighten the sagginess around the knee. Keep your legs straight while performing the entire process.

Rub your hand in an upward direction to check if there are any leftover hair. Remove the leftovers and clean your legs again with warm water and rag. Tap it dry and apply some moisturizer to smoothen the skin. Clean the shaver after use; you can use a small brush to remove the trapped hair. Keep it dry and safely in a cabinet. Proper care of the electric shaver also plays an important role in its overall life. Without proper care, your electric shaver won’t last for a long time hence for a longer service take proper care of it.

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