Guidelines For Selecting A Top Quality Clumping Cat Litter


Owning a cat is indeed a rewarding experience as they reciprocate love unconditionally. They are also independent in nature and do not consume much of your time in grooming them. But the major setback arises at those moments when you must handle their messy and stinking litter box. The Cat Litter Source provides different clumping cat litters to clear your pet’s mess. As per the recent statistics depicted through the number of homeless pets is on the rise. With the use of a good quality clumping cat litter your home can be a loving shelter to many of these wonderful companions.

Insights into clumping cat litter

A clumping cat litter as the name suggests clumps the urine and feces. A chemical compound termed bentonite performs the clumping function. However, there are several natural choices to facilitate clumping. As the litter clumps, it can easily be scooped and removed. There is a wide range of clumping cat litters available in the market. The first variant is the natural clumping cat litter that utilizes fiber, pine, corn and other natural materials to facilitate clumping. It is an eco-friendly option. Scented clumping cat litter utilizes artificial fragrances, deodorants or scents to keep the litter box odor free. However, a few cats avoid scented litters.

For families that own more than two cats, the litter box remains the prime issue. Cats do not use the malodorous litter box. In such cases, multiple cat litter is an ideal choice. The design of the multiple cat litter masks the off-odor and allows multiple cats to use the same litter box. These clumping cat litters offers ease of cleaning. It indeed saves a lot of money. It proves to be an economic option in the long run. The clumping cat litters last for a longer period when compared to other litters. The litter must be cleaned every day irrespective of the type of the litter chosen.

Factors to consider

Before making a purchase, it is essential to consider a few important factors for the best buy. The price of the clumping cat litter stays on top of the list. Always make a wise decision in terms of quality of the litter. As most litters that are less priced, saves your money but the performance deteriorates. It requires frequent replacement. So always remember, the quality depends on the amount spent. Most of the clumping cat litters produce dust. These dust result in various respiratory problems in the cat. Choose dust free cat litters or opt for natural clumping cat litter that produces negligible dust.

It is important to consider the number of cats at home, before purchasing a clumping cat litter. For families with more than two cats, a traditional cat litter would not be enough. For multiple cats, it is always ideal to opt for multiple clumping cat litter or similar another variant to masks the off-odors of other cats. Most importantly, consider the size of the litter bag. Though larger bags are expensive, they hold more litter. Larger bags are an economic investment in the long run as they fill the box quite a lot number of times. It is now time to make your choice.

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