Know About Yerba Mate Iced Tea And Its Preparation

Know About Yerba Mate Iced Tea And Its Preparation

The yerba mate iced tea has been considered to be the national beverage of few nations like Argentina, Uruguay, and Southern Brazil. Knowing for its bitter taste Yerba mate can be rejected by the beginners who are drinking this unique beverage for the first time. Made with cured guard this beverage is served in plain and need to sip through a specially filtered straw called as ‘Bombilla’ by the local people. According to, this beverage can be prepared in a similar way as other kinds of teas. In order to counter the bitter taste things like honey and lemon can be added to change the flavor. There are innumerable ways to prepare this wonderful Yerba mate preparation.

What is Yerba Mate tea?

Before we discuss the yerba mate iced tea preparation, let us know some basics about this wonderful and unique yerba tea. The leaves for this tea come out of the Ilex paraguariensis tree. Basically, this type of tea is a favored social drink in the countries above referred, where it is often termed as the “drink of the gods”. According to the experts, this tea offers same energy boost that is offered by coffee and also carries some additional benefits including improved focus and a strong sense of overall health. Generally, this tea is found in the form of loose leaf packed in a bag. Sharing this tea with others has been considered as an honor and seems to be a sign of renewing a friendship. Conventionally, the host drinks the original cup and after pouring more water to the gourd passes it to the guests to drink from the gourd.

Yerba mate iced tea preparation

The real difference between iced Yerba tea and Terre lies in the water mix as one needs hot water to prepare the Yerba Mate iced tea. It is believed that hot water enhances the flavor and not allowing the tea to become weak flavored when ice is added. It takes fifteen minutes to prepare this unique beverage. To serve four adults, we need the ingredients like 4 tbsp Loose-leaf Yerba mate; four cups hot but not boiling water; four tbsp Sweetener like sugar or honey and Ice cubes. Here, one has to wait after adding the hot water and allowing the mix to cool for ten minutes. Ice can be added later and other instructions are very similar to the preparations of other teas.

Other benefits

People who are passionate to drink yerba tea always say that the beverage offers them more energy and also helps them to focus on their daily activities. Research studies conducted on volunteers who were more sensitive to caffeine showed that many of them were able to enjoy the additional energy that yerba mate offered without any effects that were previously experienced with caffeinated products. Further studies suggest that this yerba tea can also be helpful in fighting halitosis as it prevents the growth of the concerned bacteria. It seems some of the Latin Americans use Yerba tea to treat some digestive issues.